While traditional asphalt roofing is common for homes all across the United States, it doesn’t always offer the best protection. Homes in different areas require different materials that can withstand a variety of weather including hail storms and heavy winds. In the north, metal roofing is a durable choice that is designed and constructed to keep your home secure during harsh weather. When our discount metal panels are installed correctly, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your metal roof isn’t going anywhere.

Aside from its strength, metal roofing in the north can enhance your curb appeal and add a sense of subtle luxury. They help to reflect heat during the warmer months, require a minimal amount of maintenance compared to traditional roofing, and will last between 30-50 years before they need to be replaced. If you’re building a new home, remodeling an existing home, or looking at roofing materials for agricultural use, Discount Metal Roofing has you covered with a wide array of northern metal roofing products.

Discount Metal Panels

Our roofing panels have been carefully selected for the northern region and are available in five different types:

Imperial Rib
These 5 rib exposed fastener style roofing panels are extremely common for use in residential and commercial roofing. They feature either 26-gauge or 29-gauge high-quality metal with built-in condensation control to protect your roof structure, and are available as a 36” wide through-fastener panel with a Hail Class 4 rating as an option.
Available as a 4 rib, 36” wide through-fastener panel in 26-gauge metal, PBR is offered in either Bare Galvalume Plus or 40-year painted, and is used in both residential and commercial applications.
16” wide concealed-fastener panels made from either 26-gauge or 29-gauge high-quality metal, intended for use as a commercial roofing solution. Bare Galvalume Plus and 4-year painted options are available for both gauges.
5v Crimp & Corrugated
Used in agriculture and residential settings, these 24” wide through-fastener panels are available in 29-guage Bare Galvalume Plus.
Ameri-Drain 36” exposed fastener panels are wildly popular for agricultural use due to their high strength and come in both 26-guage and 29-gauge options finished in Siliconized Polyester.

Why Choose Discount Metal Roofing for Northern Metal Roofing?

At Discount Metal Roofing we offer discount metal panels to customers for residential, commercial, and agricultural use. Our products are carefully selected from the industry’s most trusted vendors including American Building Components, Central States, Metal Sales, and Union Corrugating because they have been proven to be the most durable roofing solutions available. We offer $75 delivery for all northeast metal roofing orders in order to provide you with an affordable solution without sacrificing quality, protection, or longevity. If you’re searching for metal roofing, Discount Metal Roofing has everything you need to install a new roof. To discover more about metal roofing or to place your order with us, contact us today and our team will show you why we are a top nation-wide choice for metal roofing products in the northeast.


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